For in Him we live, and move, and have our being; as certain also of your own *Poets have said, For we are His
(Acts 17:28)
*The meaning of Poet is a Doer of the Word.


The Gift of Poetry

By Sarah A. Bell


Sarah A. Bell was born in Omaha, Nebraska. Her mom placed her in the yard one warm day when She was two years old. Sarah's mom witnessed a small white cloud descend from the sky and begin to hover around her head. Her mom began to call to her. "Sarah Ann, Sarah Ann," but the Glory of God had come down and saturated her. She was listening to voice of God. Suddenly, she turned toward her mom and said, "Mom I am talking to the Lord."

In the Word of God is the confirmation to what was established in Sarah's life. Exodus 34:5'' And the Lord descended in the cloud, and stood with Him [Her] there, and proclaimed the name of the Lord. Isaiah 11:6..."And a little child shall lead them."

She began to teach the Word of God at various churches in Detroit, MI. Doors were opened to her to minister at the 36th District Court, Wayne Community College (she ministered in the Florent Gilliet Hall Dormitory.)
, and Marygrove College in Detroit, MI. Her ministry has extended to Omaha, Nebraska.

Sarah currently teaches the Living Word of God at:
God's Love Overpowers Ministry 11063 16 1/2 Mile Road, Sterling Heights, MI. 48312 at 11:00am Sunday Mornings.

The Holy Spirit has accomplished through her life the following:

National Library of Poetry, 1996 (Editors Choice Award)
Poetry Reading CATV15, Southfield Library, 1998
Poetry Reading, 1440 AM WQBH, 1999
The Gift of Poetry Inspirational, 1997 (Published by Brentwood Christian Press)
William Tyndale Bookstore, 1998
Up Close 1998 African American Booklist (Published by Detroit Public Library), Feb. 1998
WLQV 1500 AM Radio Broadcast 2003-2007
Dare to Dream Publishers (third publication of The Gift of Poetry Inspirational) 2008
107.5 FM Radio WGPR Detroit 2009
Sterling Heights Public Library
Detroit Public Library
Miami Elementary School, Clinton Twp., MI. Poetry Reading 2010